Thursday, June 18, 2009


We had a family reunion a couple weekends ago. It was so much fun!! I love camping. This is one thing that me and Chase love love love to do together. I get so bummed when he does last minute camping trips with his guy friends because I love to go. We have both been into dutch oven cooking the last few times we've been so we tried that out even though we had a kitchen to cook in. It turned out pretty awesome.

Spoiled dog. This is Rocky his used to be mine until he fell in love with my mom so now the lil' spoiled rotten turd is hers. :)
There is a creek right by the campsite so we have fished every year... and every year Chase catches a bunch of fish. We only caught one this year and guess who caught it?
I'm so so glad that Kael loves camping as much as we do. He was the happiest I have ever seen him. I don't even remember if he cried really. He was just so excited to be outside and around so many people and kids. He loved taking a bath in the sink. He thought he was hot stuff.
What a ham!
I just love all these pictures because you can totally see how happy he was, and he was that way the whole time.

Kael and Braiden chillin'
Look at my lil' white boy.
He's Glowing!!

Always eating
This was the cutest thing ever! Kael was so so tired it was way past his nap time but he was fighting going to sleep. He got passed around a few times to see if anyone could get him to sleep. Grandpa to the rescue! My dad put his hat on him and then immediately Kael grabbed grandpa's nose laid his head on his shoulder and fell right to sleep. Who knew a nose and a hat was all he needed. ha ha ha. oh well and grandpa too I guess. he he.

Every night after dinner and visiting we would get games going. It was so much fun!

I love getting together with family its so much fun. I took a ton more pictures but I just don't think they will all fit. ha ha. Anyways, love camping, love family fun, love reunions.

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Lovely pictures about your camping.

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