Sunday, May 03, 2009

So my sister's friend had her baby shower this past weekend. It turned out so dang cute! Her mom and sister did such an awesome job! And of course Candice was such a cute prego girl! Any who, Chelsea (Candice's sister) and Me had our baby's exactly two weeks apart. I had a boy and she had a darling baby girl. I have been going to her husbands boot camp so Chase brings Kael and him and Maggie get to play for an hour. They are so dang cute together let me tell you. Well I came a little early to Candice's shower to help set up so we put Kael and Maggie in their bumbo seats next to each other. They some how ended up holding hands, it was so cute. I didn't have my camera with me when this happened or I would've taken pictures. Also my friend Ashley had a gorgeous baby girl, Stella, almost exactly a month before Kael. So I got some really cute pictures of them at the shower. I just love these to little girls!! (so does Kael, dang player! ha ha ha)

Sweet lil' Maggs

Blue eyed beauty, Stella Mae

Wasted Kael
Ha ha, poor baby he is so tired I woke him up too early.

Three Musketeers

Stella and Kael

Kael looks like he's trying to push Stella over in this one.
naughty little boy!

This is Maggie and Kael's first time meeting. Maggie was 2wks and 3days old and Kael was only 3days old. This was our first night home from the hospital.

Look how much they've grown!!
They really do grow up in a blink of an eye.

Always sharing what they have. :)

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The Lake's said...

AAAAWWWWW! I love these babies! They are so adorable! Can you believe how tiny they used to be, and poor Maggie with her jaundice she was sooo yellow! I wish I would have taken a picture of them holding hands!
p.s Thanks for all your help with the shower we would have lost it without your help! I owe you big time!