Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Summer Fun!!

So I was trying to get some stuff done on the computer the other day and to entertain Kael for a minute I put Chase's hat on him. He looked so dang cute I just had to pause and take a picture.

Kael went swimming for the first time this last week!! It's been so freakin' hot!! I do love the summer but sometimes it sucks. Guess it's awesome that Nan's and Papa have a pool that we can visit anytime our little heart desires. (or we suddenly feel like we will melt if we don't cool down quick) Kael loves the water. Hot or Cold. I thought he would hate the cold water but he had so much fun splashing and kicking around. He's going to be a good little swimmer.

Chase's parents have this inflatable slide. It's not really for the pool but it's fun to go down by the pool. Chase was going to take Kael down the slide but got scolded by his mom and ME!! I know I'm such a mean mom but there is no way he is going down any slide until he can swim! 

so he just chilled at the bottom with him

Drying off

It's he just the cutest!!


Stephanie Evans said...

Aw, Kael really is so handsome! We are coming into town next weekend (Memorial weekend) to bless Collin and I'm so excited to go swimming!! I am worried it will be too cold and Collin won't like it though. I don't think he has enough fat on his bones yet! :( Maybe we can see you guys!


What a cute boy.