Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yay!! Two Down!!

I finally got two rooms completely done today! yay! This was Kael while I worked. I had my ipod going and Kael decided he wanted to wear his sunglasses and dance. ha ha. Such a goofy boy.

Kael's Room before....
And the Now!

Those weird rust color things are a kitchen set. They will eventually get painted and put in our little girls room. But for now all the toys are in Kael's room. Also the big blank wall, I haven't quite decided what to do yet, so it will just stay empty until then.
Also, I will eventually make curtains, but that's just another decision to be made.

The Hall Bathroom before....
And the Now!

I love these pictures I got from my mom. I painted the frames yellow because they were pretty scratched before from the move.

This is our Shower curtain. We got it on our honeymoon in California. I love all the old pictures of surfers. So fun!
Yay!! I'm so excited to have at least two rooms completely done!! Now..... a lot more to go..... ugh. I'll get there someday, I hope. ha, ha.


Katrina said...

So fun to see how you've decorated - you've done such an awesome job!! Love your family pictures too!!

melissa hogle said...

your house looks so great shalyse! and ps i know we have tried this before but i am dying to have a play date with macy and kael! it would be so fun. and i am off work for a month and a half so i would actually have time to do it! so we need to get together for lunch/play date.

Coree Adams said...

Love it! Hey I know someone who does! Wanna trade hair removal for vinyl? Let me know!

The Smith Family said...

your house looks really cute! Love Kaels room!!! How are you feeling/doing? We need to get together soon!