Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home.... Sort of

We had our family pictures done a few months ago by our friend Jared Halbert. I always love our pictures when he does them. These are just a few but I'm seriously in love will ALL the pictures he took. Look him up he's great!

My sister left for her mission so I've been trying to document everything with this pregnancy so that she won't miss much. This picture is so nerdy but I didn't just want to stand there. Ha ha. I'm 18 weeks in this picture. My belly was looking like I had just gain a bunch a wait until about a week before this picture. Then it just popped and it's only getting bigger. I look smaller in this picture than I do now at this was only last week. Crazy.
We are heading to the doctor to find out what we are having! Yay!
When we left the doctor we were trying to think of some fun way to tell our moms. So we headed to Target. We were thinking just get an outfit, but Chase thought that was too boring. So then we thought maybe if we just got some onesies and hid a bow inside one. Then when we were walking over to the hair bow section we passed the scrapbook section. So I thought why not get a sticker instead? So we headed to his mom's first since she had Kael.

That's right we are having a baby girl!!!!!
So then we headed to my mom's down the street and made her find the sticker in the onesie!

I can't believe we are having a girl, so now we just need to find a name for this little munchkin.

Our new House
Living Room/Office
Kitchen Dining Area
Laundry Room
Our Bathroom
Our Room
Spare Room
Kael's Room
Hall Bathroom
Front Room
Front Room
So the after pictures are taking A LOT longer than I planned. We have so much crap that we had to have a yard sale just to make it a little more manageable. So for now here are the Before pictures of our home. Everything looks so different now its crazy. We are done painting for now. The only rooms we painted was Kael's room, our room and the laundry room. The spare room we didn't want to do anything until we found out what we were having. Now that we know I can start planning it out. Most likely it won't get done until after the baby is born, because she'll be in the portable crib until Kael is completely ready for his big boy bed. His crib is set up as a toddler bed now and he's been doing ok in it but he's not quite ready for the big boy bed. Hall bathroom we will eventually do a little remodeling so we didn't want to paint and then have to re paint later. And the rest of the house is a light tan color so it will stay that way until I figure out if i want to change it. We are loving being in our own home though and still trying to get things settled.


Stephanie Evans said...

Congrats on the girl! Your house looks like it was definitely worth the wait! Can't wait to see after pics.

azHarline said...

Congrats on your little girl and your house.

Robinson Family said...

So fun!!! You are way better at documenting things than I am lol. I am bad. haha. Your house is adorable!!! Can't wait to see it in person. :)

Coree Adams said...

Your family pictures are so cute!