Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bucket Head!!

This guy is seriously just one big bubble of personality. I think that's the only thing he got from his father. Seems he got my nerdyness and bossiness and my family's looks. He seriously cracks me up and tries my patience all at the same time. My sweet Aunt Kim gave Kael a bunch of little horsey figures and he loves to play with them. My mom had a bucket that she gave him to put all his little horsies in. He decided to use it has a hat the other day. Apparently when I was about his age I did the same thing with a halloween bucket. Then I would call my self a bucket head. So here's my little goofy bucket head. If I can get my hands on the picture in my baby book I'll do a comparison picture. We look so much a like it's crazy. He is a major mama's boy for sure.

So the count down for this baby to come is on. I was hoping I would have her on the tenth so her birthday would be 10-10-2010! Oh well, I tried but guess she wasn't ready. So I have only seven days left until my due date, which is the 18th by the way. I have been working on getting my house clean the last two weeks. Sad, I know, that it's taking me that long. Seems right when I got my "nesting" bug I got a super awesome sinus infection again. Seriously, I hate sinus infections!!!! When I'm pregnant, if I sneeze too much it turns into an infection and then it gets really bad with in a day. It will settle itself in my ears and chest. Grrrr. It will all be over soon. So last week I mostly took what drugs I could and sprayed lysol everywhere so that I didn't have sicky germs in the house if I had the baby. Now that I don't have a super migraine from all the sinus pressure I can disinfect my house, ha ha. So hopefully the next time I post I'll have a baby girl, and she'll have a name. ha ha. We seriously can't think of a name for this little girl so we are just going to wait until we see her. Hopefully that will be enough to help us make a decision. Well thats all folks.


Jarvis ♥ Family said...

Dear Kael, I just love you! you are such a goofy little boy! I sure do miss you! I hope you are excited to have your baby sister come soon! I sure am excited to see her soon! Keep being adorable! Miss you!

Yay Shees i am so excited to see your little girl!!! Keep me updated!!! Love you and miss you guys!

Jarvis ♥ Family said...

Congratulations on your new baby shees!!! We are so proud of you and excited for you guys! You make some beautiful kids! Baby Girl Rogers is gorgeous!!! Love and miss you guys! Can't wait to meet her! Let me know when you choose a name for her!