Friday, September 18, 2009

End of Summer Lake Trip

So we've been busy little bees that last month and I haven't really told you about all the fun things we've been doing. We went to the lake and seriously it was one of the funnest trips I've been on. That's not even a real word but it just fits this trip. I seriously love, love, love the lake. I hope someday we will be blessed enough to own a boat so that my kids can enjoy it as much as I have!! My family has owned a boat since I was 18 months old, so going to the lake has been a big thing that my family does together. Every so often I would ask my dad if he would take me and some friends out. Since Chase and I have been married we haven't really gotten to go that often with the family because Chase's work schedule differs from the family. Anywho, Chase has been wanting to go so I figured it was time to call daddy and ask if he wouldn't mind playing chaperone for us. He he, I felt like a little kid again. I know my dad would probably trust Chase with just taking the boat but Chase (and me) wouldn't even consider it because if there was any kind of accident... ugh. No way! Besides I love having my dad with us, he's so fun!! So dad said, 'heck yes!' and we called some friends and off we went. It worked out perfect because most people just drove themselves and met us out there, and then the were free to leave when they needed. Kevin and Nicole were so lucky to stay there ALL DAY with us. Ha, ha. My brother showed up late with a couple of his friends at the end of the day when we were suppose to go home so we ended up staying longer than planned. But we still had fun though. Just a little fried from being in the sun for 12 hours.
Nicole rippin' it up on the wakeboard
I love this picture of Kevin because he fit in a child's life vest, he's holding the flag and trying to get a hold of friends meeting us there. So multi-talented.
Patty playing mommy

Surfer boy Kevin
My face is so retarded in this one but it's funny
showin' us all up of course. :)
Swimming Break
Enjoying Cheetos
Cliff jumping
Patty and Brian
Greg and Danielle
Go Dad!! Whoop, Whoop!
Who says your too old to surf?!
Yes that is my lil' pink marshmellow man with Grandpa knee boarding!! He was such a crack up because he just sat there and stared around like 'do da do, what we doin' grandpa?' My dad was so excited to take him out on his first ride ever! He, he. I was a little older when they took me out but my siblings and cousin's were about his age. Such fun memories. I'm looking for the picture of me and my dad knee boarding. When I find it we can compare. :)

Ha, ha. I look like a greasy eighties chic in this picture but it's such a cute picture of Kael trying to be a bad A like his uncle Mitchell. :)

The trip was so fun!! We surfed, swam, ate lunch, cliff jumped, swam, wakeboarded, knee boarded, swam, surfed some more! It seriously was awesome and Kael did great too. I love that he loves the water and the great outdoors. It makes trips like these so much easier.

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azHarline said...

I can't believe you spent 12 hours at the lake. I am usually done after 5. I love the lake too and I think we have a few more weeks left before it gets too cold.