Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nine Months and Camping

So we have had the itch to go camping for a few months now and have just never had the time. There was always something going on. So this past weekend we just took off. We wanted to try someplace new so we went to Baca Meadow. Chase's family used to have their family reunions there but had to stop because of the fire a few years back. It just re opened this summer so we thought we would go check it out. It was so pretty! It was really really green and the weather was seriously so gorgeous! The night we got up there it was perfect temp we didn't even need sweaters. There were a lot of fallen trees and in some spots it was really bare because of the fire but it was still really pretty. We did a lot of hiking and just laying around. The other thing that was really cool was we still have service with our phones, since we were a lone this was a blessing. It was a great trip and I love camping!
Kael's first toasted marshmellow. He devoured it!

Beautiful greens

Mommy's turn

Just us camping

The boys were tired about half way on the hike around the lake, not mom. So we kept going. Out of shape boys.

Kael only gives me kisses sometimes but I love it when he does. :)

Hiding in the ferns

Kael would get tired and rest his head on our head when we were hiking. It was so cute. We also decided that we need a baby backpack. He's freaking heavy.

Yes he is really biting Chase's ear. I was trying to take a pic of him licking it and then he decided to bite it instead. Ha ha.

Always trying to climb on stuff

Playing peek a boo with the canopy
Kael turned NINE MONTHS!!! We went camping so I figured I'd take them up there for a change of scenery. The poor kid glows in the sunlight so it's so hard to take pictures of him, but I tried so bare with me has I am still practicing Manual.

What's the high sign Porky?
Name that movie?
Kael knows how to wave now. He does it so randomly.

I love his smiles!!
Such a happy boy. (most of the time) :)
Kael loves loves loves to crawl and climb on anything. He is getting very curious about everything. He gets into everything and gives you 'tude if you take it away. The other day when we were camping he was crawling towards a can of el pato that we left on the ground. Chase saw it and snatched it before he reached it. Kael looked up and saw that it was gone and turned and gave Chase the look of death. I couldn't help but laugh because he just glared at him and then turned away. I've never seen him give such a mean look before, I've seen him mad and throw a fit but this was different. Ha ha. He has six teeth. He cut the bottom two at about seven months and then a week later he cut the top four!! Poor kid was definitely a trooper. He is certainly keeping us entertained and busy, but we love it.
Before we went camping this weekend we worked on the camper some more. We haven't done much with it since Chase rebuilt the roof. We decided that its' time to start working on it again and get it finished. We are going to keep the 1969 tree hugger hippiness alive in it. This is the original fabric on the cushions. I'm tempted to just leave it but some of the cushions have been worn so much that they are tearing. The thing is 40 years old. So unfortunately this awesome fabric will see the trash soon. These are just some of the before pictures and when ever we get around to it I'll show our end result. :)
Gotta love the orange canopy that has bright red tape patches. Ha, ha. This will eventually be replace as well but I don't think that will be very soon.
this is the floor before we put the new stuff down. I can't tell if its suppose to be peach or brown.....? Still the marble vinyl was rockin. Ha ha.
Hard worker, and he's cheap too. he he


Reilly, Nessa, Tilly said...

OMIGOODNESS SHALYSE!!! Kael is getting so big, looks like you had a blast camping, I love camping and the outdoors. So relaxing! We need to get together sometime

bettina said...

those pics of kael are so yummy!! guys are such fun parents!!

nicole and kevin said...

Since Kael likes ears so puch I'm thinking of getting him a pickled pigs ear from Food City for his birthday. Or i might be able to pick one up when I go to M&M Food Market.

nicole and kevin said...

I guess I didn't proof read. Lets change the p to the letter m. So it will read "much".