Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Fall Beginings

October is one of my favorite months. In fact it's my favorite time of year, because it is the start of my 3 favorite holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!! We find ourselves so busy with friends, family and festivities, a few of my favorite things. The munchkins are at an age where they are starting to like playing all sorts of games and are understanding the 'rules' of how to play. 
For family night this week we taught them how to play Sorry. I am the running champion in our family. Chase hates this game because he rarely wins. 
Kael loved it, because he can recognized his numbers and counting. 
Mr. Smarty Pants is loving pre-school and all that he is learning, so any opportunity he gets to show off his skills is fun for him. 
Claire just liked landing on the arrows so she could slide her pieces and she was good at pretending to count. Love that little Sassy Pants.

Halloween is a must at our house. We've been getting lazy each year with setting up decorations, and what-not. But never with our costumes! This year we were Mary Poppins and Bert the chimney sweep.
 Kael was super excited to be a ninja. He had awesome swords that he slapped everybody with. 
Claire was Snow White. That is her favorite princess. Mostly because she loves to imitate her singing. When she was asked to sing to the birdies like Snow White, she would bust out her best, high pitched singing voice. She was the star of the night and loving every minute.
Molly was the most adorable little giraffe. And was perfectly happy riding/sleeping in the stroller the entire night. 

Speaking of Molly,
this little butterball is 2 months already!! She is getting so chunky and I just love it!! She is still so tiny and petite but soft and squishy and covered in rolls. 
She is constantly smiling and happy as can be.
She is my little ray of sunshine.

Some days are still hard.
 Every time she coughs or sneezes my heart aches. I pray that we can keep her healthy. I panic inside every time someone touches her or wants to hold her. Every time we leave the house I fear she'll catch something. I feel like a crazy mama bear, ready to claw someones face off, if they cough or sneezed in her general direction. I worry that our insurance won't cover something or we won't be able to afford her care. I cry for the struggles and battles that she will have to face.
I want to scream at the universe and blame somebody.

And then I see her smile. That beautiful glowing smile. 
And I remember she isn't alone. I'm not alone. We are not alone.
When she smiles it's like she's telling me, "Mom.... Don't worry. We are strong. We are fighters and we can do this. Smile and be happy, mom."


Anonymous said...

Your family is BEAUTIFUL - I send all good wishes for your adorable peanut Molly. I hope you will not be offended by this question, but I've been wondering - is there an increased incidence of CF among Mormon families? Or do I just frequently read about Mormons with CF on the internet because of a trend to blog about family life among Mormon women? I thought you might have some information on this matter especially since your husband is a medical student. Again, I hope my question does not upset you. Enjoy your sweet family!

Shalyse Rogers said...

Hi Anonymous,
Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question. I would assume that it would be the blogging trend but I couldn't say for sure. I know very few people with CF. They are all mostly family. But that is changing quickly as now CF is more part of our life than it was before. Sorry I wasn't more help.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding, Shalyse. I guess I'll have to poke around some more to find out. Hope all is well.