Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ugh, Really?

So, what? Now I'm three months behind? Sad. Well it's almost one in the morning and I can't seem to sleep and I'm too lazy to go into the other room and get on my computer to post pictures. So here I am in bed with my hubby's laptop and I'm going to 'tell' you our updates for the last almost three months. I'll just do a picture post later. Ok so August... can I remember back that far? Oh yeah not much happened. We just hung out at home mostly. Chase started school so that was a little bit of an adjustment. He's doing well by the way. He makes me feel so dumb when he talks about what they learned in class. I think my mommy brain is really eatin' up my brain cells. ha ha. So me and the kids hung out and I also worked on some projects. Then September came... We had our annual Roger's reunion. Which is always a blast and super fun! Then we had the wonderful opportunity to go to disneyland again. OK, I know what your thinking? Do you go on any other vacations? Yes we do. But... I could do Disneyland once a week and not be sick of it. I love it! And the more we go. The more I love it. I think oh I'll scratch the itch if we just go and we won't want to go for a while. Ha. Nope. Every time Kael sees mickey mouse or donald duck he wants to go, every time I think, say, hear, see anything disney I want to go. We may not have enough money to pay our bills but hey who cares we get to go to disneyland every week. Ha ha. Ok, the responsible adult in me knows we can't do that but hey I can pretend right? So we actually made this trip to Cali a beach trip too. It was the kids first time. I love the beach. I forgot how much I love the beach. It made me miss the clear blue water in hawaii but Cali is still fun. The kids loved it! Claire couldn't get enough of the sand and Kael loved chasing those dang seagulls. Can't wait to take them again. Then the next weekend we hit up the family in Vegas for a missionary farewell. Its always great to see family. Family rocks! Then the next weekend was October and it was conference weekend. We decided to retreat north for conference. We went up to Chase's parents cabin with them to watch conference and enjoy the nice cool weather. We went on a fun little hike to the ice caves in between sessions. That was fun minus all the bikers who almost ran us over. Then the next weekend Chase went on an over night hike with his dad to Reavis Ranch. I stayed home with the little ones. They do this hike every year, I was going to go but all those weekends away were wearing me out. I was a successful hike. Everyone had fun, they got some apples, and nobody got hurt. Then the next weekend we went camping up at the Cinders in Flagstaff. That is always a fun trip. It also happened to be Claire's birthday. So we celebrated up there a little bit. Then we had a little party at home. My baby girl is one!! Can you believe it? I can't. She is still so small. But chunky. ha ha. She is getting so big. She is officially walking. Kael is in a stinker stage right now but he is still so fun. I just love my babies. They are just so funny and different. They definitely keep me on my toes. Never a dull moment with my munchkins. Well thats what we been up to. Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon of the last three months. We are doing well and staying super busy as you can tell. Tah tah for now.

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Hi Shalyse!! Super Cute family!!! Man Claire has some beautiful eyes. Take Care - Heather