Monday, June 13, 2011

Lake, Hello's and Goodbye's, Treats and Just Being Busy, Busy

We had lots of sickies at our house this year. First it was lots of breathing treatments then when we thought that was over we got the flu. And that lingered for months as well. I'm afraid to say it but I think we are FINALLY sickies free. (we'll see) Kael didn't mind his treatments so much, ha ha. He got to watch lots of movies. Claire would tolerate it then get mad towards the end. She is not a good sick kid. She is seriously a snot when she doesn't feel good. ha ha.

For Easter we didn't do anything big. Just had our annual Rogers' picnic. Kael had lots of fun in the water.

For Mother's Day we got to talk to Tori on Skype. It was so fun!! She is doing so good. Write her letters, she would love to her from you.

Claire has been loving eating big girl food. This little chunker is going to gain some lbs fast with how much she loves food. And don't you dare try to take it away or she will throw the biggest hissy fit. ha ha

We've made some lake trips this summer already. The water still has a little bite to it but we still have fun. Kael actually was brave enough to try some stuff this year. He just cried last year everytime we put him in the water. The tube is his favorite.

Claire mostly just soaked up the sun the first few times. And this last time all four of us got out on the knee boards. I don't have that picture yet. I was surprised she didn't scream.

I love this picture. I shows Claire's attitude perfectly towards having a life vest on. She was not thrilled, can you tell?
Mitchell had his farwell.
The house was filled and the yard was filled with family and friends. We had some family stay for a week. It was so fun to see everyone.

Aunt Melanie and Claire
She was naughty and gave Claire her first sweets. She was feeding her chocolate and cookies. Ha ha. Needless to say she was Claire's favorite after that.

Braiden, Jace and Kael being the presidency when Mitchell got set apart.
Ha ha such handsome boys
Claire's latest.
It's her favorite thing to stand and pretend she can walk like all the other kids

Nans and Kael.
This is a typical Kael face. The fine, I'll tolerate you hugging me for a picture, look.

Kael loves his uncle Mitchell, he wants to be just like him.
Mitchell was nice enough to share his drink with Kael.
When we took Mitchell to the airport, we were lucky enough to get to see him actually get on the airplane. Kael cried when it left and he said Where's Mitchell? I told him he left to go on his mission. He cried and said he wanted to go on a mission too. ha ha. I said ok when you get bigger you can go an a mission too. He was satisfied with that answer and said ok and stopped crying.
Kael enjoying his 'potty treat' I'm TRYING to potty train Kael. It's not going so well. He will go potty on the toilet if he is naked, but if he has any clothes on he just goes. It's going to be a long slow process. Hopefully we can get it before he turns three. ha ha.

Well that's the latest with us. Just trying to enjoy our summer, we have a super busy one ahead of us. Almost every weekend we have something going on. Hopefully I wont wait till the last month to try and update. ha ha.

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