Saturday, September 11, 2010

Rainy Days can't keep me down...

I love Arizona!!!
I have been wanting to go down to the temple and take pictures so I could put some up in my house. Well the clouds were gorgeous so I decided one day after work we would run over and snap some photos. Well we were there probably less than fifteen minutes and the clouds got super dark and it started pouring. I took only about five pictures but this one just look so freakin cool to me. Glowing temple with the storm surrounding it. So pretty. Sometimes life can get like that. Crazy storm out of now where and throw you off balance, but it always seems the darker things get the brighter the Lord light shines. The next post will explain more to my reflection. ha ha. So in this post is camping, and just some fun shots.

Kael decided he would be brave and help me vaccum then decided the vaccume is still a little scary.

Me and Chase have been dying to go camping for so long and we just never seemed to have the time. Well we were finally able to just take off and we all loved every minute of it. Chase brought a few of his guns and we shot some targets. Kael loved seeing all the chipmunks and feeding them daddy's sunflower seeds.

Chase and Kael love to play in the rain any chance they get. My silly boys.

We had our Rogers' Reunion again this year. It was so much fun! Kael loved running around like a crazy person getting as much dirt on him has possible. I was just glad he wasn't too fascinated with the fire, that always makes me so nervous when kids play with it. Kael absolutely loves, loves, loves playing with his cousins. The older kids had fun teaching him how to say different things and he just loved all the attention. We were talking about how many reunions I had been too and this was my fourth year, and we figured I have been pregnant every other year. My first year we were newly wedds, my second I was pregnant with Kael, my third I was Kael's first year and my fourth I'm pregnant with my no named child. Becky said keep up the tradition. Ha, ha. Coming from the woman who is going to have 30 grandkids!! So flipping cool.

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