Friday, December 18, 2009

Home for the Holidays!

So I've gotten myself in the holiday festive mood, I suppose. Instead of a Christmas Tree this year we got a Holiday wreath to hang on our bedroom door. It smells of Christmas downstairs and I love to wake up every morning and get a sniffle of that wonderful wreath. I just can't help but get all festive and excited for Christmas! We have been busy with so many things. As you know we are not in our rental home anymore, we are in Chase's parents basement. Dang basement dwellers. Any who we have been working hard at trying to find a house to buy so we can get out of our dungeon and out of his parents way. We have never gotten any where near getting any of the houses we put an offer on until recently. We put an offer on a HUD home and we ended up being the first runner up. So we got all excited thinking well we made a little progress lets keep the ball rolling. We found a few really cute houses but one that was our favorite was a short sale. dun dun dun. I know short sales are just no fun. So we figured, eh why not at least just try, right? So we put an offer on the house knowing that we probably wouldn't hear anything for a month of so. But... to our surprise, they called that day to say that we would know the very next day if our offer was accepted. Plus # one! We wouldn't have to wait long just to find out we didn't get it. Wahoo! Then they called us back the next day and.... they .... accepted ..... our.... offer!!!! YAAAAAY! Plus # two! Man we are on a role. So after about a year of searching and rejections we finally got accepted. They like us, they really really like us. :) Ha ha. So of course there is always a catch when dealing with the dreaded short sales. They have a second mortgage. Poop. So instead of having to convince one bank to take a hit we have to convince two banks. So it might be a while before we even find out if our offer even gets accepted by the bank. So we aren't holding our breath on this house. But we don't care! We are just so stinkin excited that we got this far!! We are saying our prayers that it will go quick no matter what the outcome. Kael has been loving being at Nan's house. He gets to see at least one cousin everyday. So he always as a buddy to play with. He has been feeling pretty crumby though cause he is teething again. This poor kid doesn't just get one tooth at a time. His first six came in all at the same time and now all his molars are coming at a few others. I just feel so bad. He is a good kid and such a trooper but these teeth are really kickin his but this time. At least he's got his awesome cousin's to distract him and keep him busy. All 29 of them. :)

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The Smith Family said...

Good Luck on getting the house! I know what it's like to be married with a baby and live with family... Not always the funnest thing!