Monday, May 19, 2008

Little boy at heart

Ok, so if you didn't already know that my hubby really is a little boy at heart here is the proof.

We were hanging out at my parents house watching tv and it was getting a little late. My mom and me were still awake and my mom started giggling. I looked to see what she was giggling at and this is what I saw. Chase hugging one of my brothers toy guns. It was so freakin' cute. We thought he really loves his toys or he was afraid someone was going to steal his gun. Becky here's some proof that he really is still your baby boy.


Ali said...

K that really is kinda cute. I knew that chase was always a little sissier than the rest. I hope to see you guys this weekend at the Larson reunion

Trevor, Brittany, and Addison Gardner said...

Ha ha. They never really do grow up do they? I have one of those too- we have no money in savings and my hubby wants to buy an XBOX 360 with his tax refund! Argh. Hope you're still feelin ok. Let me know if I can help you with anything!

azHarline said...

That is too cute. Brandon is the same way.